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Cincinnati Skydiving Disciplines

Now that you've got your skydiving "wings" it's time to try out one of the sport's many variants. The universe has plenty of adrenaline-pumping opportunities that involve free-falling, floating or soaring over the Earth.

With Cincinnati Skydiving, our team of skydiving professionals can guide you to discover the best skydiving discipline and affiliate drop zone in which you can take your skydiving abilities to the next level!

Here's a handful of the most popular alternatives to skydiving that you might want to try through Cincinnati Skydiving.

Sky Surf

Cowabunga, bro, but where is the wave? Blend skateboarding with water surfing an invisible wave and you've got one of the most exciting styles of skydiving.

Canopy Piloting

Also referred to as canopy piloting, canopy swooping is almost as thrilling to see as it is to literally experience.

Alternate between level flight and a controlled plunge to experience the adrenaline of the Earth scooping you up; canopy swooping is one of the biggest rushes obtainable to the present day skydiver.

Free Fly

This is perhaps the most impressive and stimulating type of skydiving available. You can spin and sweep, find your anxieties and conquer them, and then enjoy the rest of the trip down under a canopy .

Wingsuit Sky Diving

Dominate wingsuit diving and you're at the top of the world! You'll suit up in a specially-designed suit (also referred to as a 'squirrel suit') that delivers a mix of skydiving and hang gliding, transforming your body into one huge aerodynamic wing.

{Always wished you could fly with the birds? Wingsuit diving is the solution. Call now for more information.|Call us today to book your next skydive!

Why Pick Us?

Parachuting is a popular activity that is undertaken with the greatest level of safety. The sport has come to be significantly safer over the years as companies must follow precise procedures concerning equipment and training. Nonetheless, selecting the "best" company for your diving experience can be a demanding task. Cincinnati Skydiving is your supreme partner with a reputation of a great safety record and exceptional experiences. Cincinnati Skydiving is the largest group of parachuting affiliates in the Nation. You will have a good time with our competent instructors that will supply you with essential tips to help you to achieve a satisfying skydive jump.


Get in touch with us at Cincinnati Skydiving to make an appointment with one of our affiliates today. We provide tandem and freefall bundles for all experience levels. Bookings are good for two years after purchase and jumps can be re-booked in the event of severe weather. While we don't offer refunds, tickets are transferable.

With the help of our certified instructors, you will have an unforgettable experience. Take the jump and call us right now to make your reservation. You definitely will thank yourself afterwards!

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Cincinnati Skydiving

At Cincinnati Skydiving, we specialize in presenting first timers with a risk-free, exciting and unforgettable skydiving adventure. We will connect you with a certified skydiving instructor who will take you from the ground to the air and then back again... Offering you an amazing intro to the habit forming sport of tandem skydiving!

We have put together a list of a handful of things you might do to prepare for your first skydive...




Jump from 2.6 miles
Freefall for 60 sec

Heart Rate


Jump from 1.8 miles
Freefall for 30 to 35 sec

Heart Rate


You'll get pointed in the right direction to get you started with skydiving services located near you.